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Girls Technology Day

Education and industry partners engaging girls in the STEM experience.

GTD 2018 Event Calendar

About Us

The Beginning

Started in 2012 in an effort to engage young women in the STEM related fields that support our everyday lives and our futures.

Why it is important

Women comprise 48% of the workforce but less than 25% of the workforce in STEM related fields according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Become part of the solution

Volunteer, mentor and support young women in the STEM fields.

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NH Senator Kelly Ayotte

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte sends a video address to the attendees to the 2016 Girls Technology Day(s) event at NHTI, MCC and UNH.

Senator Kelly Ayotte on Vimeo - Click to watch 

Georgia Harris, 2016 Keynote

Keynote speaker Georgia Harris, NIST office of Weights and Measures, addressed the GTD attendees at the 2016 event at the University of New Hampshire.

Georgia Harris keynote on Vimeo - Click to watch

NH Senator Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan addresses the attendees at the 2017 Girls Technology Day event at the University of New Hampshire, Durham.

Senator Maggie Hassan on Vimeo - Click to watch

GTD 2018 Volunteers

   If you are interested in being a presenter, vendor, or volunteer, please fill out this Google Form.    

This will allow us to streamline communications.  In an effort to make the event more functional, we are limiting the number of presenters at each event.  

NHTI: total of 16 workshops (8 presenters from NHTI and 8 from outside sources)   

UNH: total of 12 workshops (6 presenters from UNH and 6 from outside sources)   

If you know you are interested in presenting at a specific site, please fill out the Google form soon so we can note your preference.  

Schedule of events

Locations at NHTI, MCC, UNH and Hypertherm

Check out our calendar for dates and time for the 2018 Girls Technology Day.

Annual New Hampshire Girls Technology Day events